When it comes to emergency exit lights, they must be fitted to all commercial buildings; this is a legal requirement. Should your commercial building have an emergency event and a mains power failure, anyone inside the building can evacuate safely.

Here at Electrical 4 All, we provide emergency lights and exit signs for a range of buildings; whether you are looking for manual or automatic, we have LED emergency lights that will work correctly.

Do you have emergency lighting installed in your building? If the answer is no, they can offer you many benefits, including ensuring your company meets legal requirements.

What Are The Emergency Lighting Regulations?

To comply with safety regulations, any passageway or room must have emergency lighting fitted and installed correctly; a safely lit exit route is a legal requirement within any commercial company; they must also provide power should the mains power fail. The main requirement is that any room that is 60㎡ or more must-have emergency lighting fitted to be legally safe.

Regular testing of your lighting will also be required. To help with this, our Emergency lighting has competitive prices and a range of technology benefits that mean they rarely break. You can choose a light that offers self-testing; it will automatically check itself to ensure it is working; add these excellent emergency lighting options to your wish list today.

Our Emergency Exit Lights

When it comes to emergency lighting, they need to offer your building clear and focused lighting to help aid any evacuation. Whether you need a specific length or width of lights will depend on your property and where the lighting needs to be located, but at Electrical 4 All, we have considered this through our stock, and you will find the perfect lighting option for you to add to your basket.

Our lights come with a range of features ideal for your workplace, with emergency fire exit options and generic emergency strip lights; we are confident you will find precisely what you are looking for right here. Once you have added items to your basket, you can rely on quick and efficient delivery across the UK. To find out more information, contact our team today for more information.

You can also choose Electrical 4 All for a range of lighting solutions, including; floodlights, outdoor lighting, LED brick lights and much more.

LED Emergency lighting


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