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If you have been searching for electrical fittings such as back boxes, you are in the right place; as one of the most popular searches online when looking for electrical fittings, our team here can provide you with back boxes that are second to none. We are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for with a wide range of back boxes available to add to your basket. Choose Electrical 4 All for the best possible experience when shopping for back boxes.

What Is A Back Box Or Pattress Boxes?

A back box refers to the plastic box or metal box positioned inside the wall; a front plate is added, allowing it to become an available plug socket or switch. With two main options available on the market, you can choose from wither a plastic back box or a metal back box, as these will be concealed within the wall, so more often than not, it comes down to availability, but some homeowners do choose them based on the material of the front plate.

Plastic Back Boxes

Plastic back boxes are generally used when you have a partition wall; this is when the wall is made of a stud wooden frame and then has a layer of plasterboard over the top. To insert a plastic back box, more often than not, the perfect size hole will be cut out of the plasterboard for the backbox to sit in.

Metal Back Boxes

More often than not, metal back boxes are chosen to be fitted into more solid walls, whether stone, breeze blocks or brick; this is simply because a metal back box is more structured than plastic. Instead of a perfectly carved shape being cut out of plasterboard when installing the metal back boxes, a shape is chiselled out of the wall, meaning it is not as ideally situated.

Surface Mounted Back Boxes

Depending on your circumstances, you may find that you do not want to have a back box installed into the wall, this could be to do with the wall being old and already degrading, or it could be because you simply don't want several holes in your wall that go in at a depth. You can buy surface mounted back boxes here at Electrical 4 All if this is the case. The common name they go by is a Pattress Box.

Often available in the same finish as any sockets or switches you have in your home, you can find matching front plates; one thing you need to consider is that they are not universal. Front plates come in different sizes, so you need to consider whether the one you buy will sit right after installation. 

Back boxes


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