Clik Mode 1 Gang Single Telephone Outlet Urea-Master Brand New CMA119 UK

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Click Mode CMA119 White Moulded 1 Gang Single UREA-Master Telephone Socket
Cat No: CMA119
There are many crucial elements of any interior design – the moreobvious ones are décor and furnishings. Less obvious but no less important areelectrical accessories; particularly wall accessories which, by their verynature need to be located in prominent line of sight positions.
When selecting wiring accessories designers have oftencompromised their schemes as they have been unable to identify a suitablyflexible solution to satisfy their ideas.
CLICK MODE Accessories can now provide that flexibility with acomprehensive selection of products ranging from the humble light switch andsocket outlet through to more specialised products dealing with the very latestdevelopments in telephone and satellite products.
MODE Accessories have been conceived and developed as a highquality, flexible and modern solution to virtually any domestic wiringrequirement. The smooth, modern lines of the MODE accessory plate will fiteasily into traditional and contemporary designs alike.
The modular design of MODE allows designers and installersunprecedented flexibility in creating dedicated wiring solutions to dealspecifically with actual wiring needs.

Manufacturer Scolemore
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